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This factor is used to allocate a portion of the cost of operating the facilities to the activity. A cost object is any element of a business for which a separate measurement of cost is undertaken, such as a product, service, department or project. Cost objects enhance transparency in the cost driver meaning allocation, reporting and control of costs in an organization. To reduce the high cost of labor, the manager would focus on reducing the material cost where there is no cause and effect relationship. Even after successfully reducing material costs, he would find no impact on labor costs.

  • Doing this helps to get a better grasp on costs, allowing companies to form a more appropriate pricing strategy and churn out higher profits.
  • For example, machine hours are an activity that cause costs such as machine maintenance and electricity costs.
  • Logistical transactions are concerned with the reception and movement of hospitals materials.
  • This varies somewhat, based on the business model, but many manufacturing companies have similar cost drivers, such as buying raw materials and assembling the products.

Correct activity cost driver determination is vital for effective product costing. There are a lot of management decisions that rely on product costing. In accounting, the cost driver definition is a factor that incurs cost.

What is a Activity Cost Driver?

Sometimes, they can rise just because you have an increase in sales volume and it makes your insurance premiums higher than your regular rate which you originally pay every year. Activity-based costing is a system that tallies the costs of overhead activities and assigns those costs to products. It helps management see a business’s various departments as one single business unit as these drivers create a relationship between the departments.

Why are cost drivers important?

Cost drivers are important because they allow management to better understand the true costs by improving overhead allocation to their products. This allows management to better determine products profitability.

For example, if you are to determine the amount of electricity consumed in a particular period, the number of units consumed determines the total bill for electricity. In such a scenario, the number of units of electricity consumed is a cost driver. A Cost Centre refers to a department in a business where costs can be allocated. They can be related to the production of goods or the provision of services.

How to Determine Cost Drivers

Hospital data was obtained from the HCFA, which collects data from Medicare Certified Hospitals. All hospitals are classified as general medical and surgical short-term facilities and included in the sample of 5,352 hospitals.

cost driver meaning

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Proper management of cost centres can help the company cut additional costs from each department. It also helps in more accurate forecasts depending on future changes. Defines the target for the drivers, where the monetary amounts go, and how the driver method is implemented.

  • If there is a strong positive correlation between the cost and the activity, we then analyze measures for the activity which are our cost drivers.
  • After you get the figures, you would be able to see how your cost per unit has changed with changes in your production strategies.
  • The cost of operating and maintaining the equipment falls into the same bucket as production, when automated.
  • Cost objects enhance transparency in the allocation, reporting and control of costs in an organization.
  • Direct cost drivers are those that have a direct impact on the cost of a product or service.
  • Hospitals located in the major metropolitan areas and those that are a sole community hospital have slightly more specialties.

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